Victoria Beckham Wore a White Dress to a Wedding

Victoria Beckham Wore a White Dress to a Wedding

Victoria and David Beckham attended the wedding of footballer Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio in Seville, Spain this weekend. VB’s wedding guest outfit sounds like a bold rule-breaking choice, as she wore a white midi dress with a pair of neon shoes. White is traditionally considered a no-no for guests, however Victoria shows how you can wear it in a respectful way—as long as you opt for a silhouette and fabric that isn’t too bridal and wear a print, this colour is a viable option for guests.

Victoria wore a knot-print sleeved dress with a scarf detail at the neckline from her upcoming autumn winter 2019 collection. This knot motif was a key theme for her next collection, as everything from jumpers to blouses feature this nautical detail. Victoria paired her maritime dress with a pair of bright pink neon pumps, which she has been wearing non-stop this summer. The stilettos from her own label are available in both a neon green and pink, and she’s worn them to every event in her calendar from a football match at Old Trafford to a night with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Keep scrolling to see VB’s wedding guest outfit, and the other times she has worn neon shoes. 

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New Beauty and Wellness Line Prima, by Honest Company Veterans, Aims to Rebrand CBD

New Beauty and Wellness Line Prima, by Honest Company Veterans, Aims to Rebrand CBD

Photo: Courtesy of Prima

I receive an average of three PR emails per day that include the acronym CBD, and I’m sure many of you who don’t write about beauty and wellness as part of your job have also found those three letters to be pretty inescapable of late. The self-care boom, combined with the recent legalization of industrial hemp farming in the United States, and growing cultural interest in all things cannabis, have coincided to make the non-psychoactive, cannabis-derived chemical compound the trendiest ingredient to hit the beauty and wellness space in recent memory. The substance, believed by researchers to be capable of helping with everything from anxiety to skin inflammation to epilepsy, can be found in everything from tinctures and vape pens, to lattes and seltzers, to massage oils and face serums. It’s expected to surpass $20 billion in U.S. sales by 2024.

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Rather than a wealth of great options for consumers, this explosion — which experts say has only just begun — has really only created more confusion around what CBD does, if anything, and whether or not it really belongs in every single thing we consume or put on our skin.

Launching Wednesday, Prima is a new CBD company that aims to take away some of that confusion, along with several of our modern-day physical and mental ailments. It’s starting with three products: a daily supplement, a nighttime face oil and a therapeutic skin butter, that will soon expand into a range of other treatments. The company stands out in today’s crowded CBD landscape for a few reasons: One is its founders: There’s CEO Christopher Gavigan, who co-founded The Honest Company with Jessica Alba; COO and fellow Honest Company alumna Laurel Angelica Meyers; and Chief Education Officer Jessica Assaf, a health and cannabis activist, Harvard Business School alumna and longtime advocate for clean products. 

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Jennifer Lawrence Just Wore the Most Amazing Leather Skirt

Jennifer Lawrence Just Wore the Most Amazing Leather Skirt

Promotional duties for films often require actresses to have multiple outfit changes in a day as they dart from premieres to photocalls to interviews. Jennifer Lawrence is currently doing the press rounds for her new release Dark Phoenix, and yesterday she wore three outfits which can only be described as phenomenal. Jennifer Lawrence often makes sexy choices for the red carpet, leaning on slinky silhouettes and plunging necklines. To the premiere last night she wore a black sleeved Dior gown with a full skirt, belt at the waist and wide sleeves, but the demure dress was spiced up with an open neckline down to her belly button. For the after party she wore a champagne-coloured sequin slip dress with an open back and 90s spaghetti straps so thin they look like floss. But the outfit that really got our attention was her white cropped T-shirt that she wore with a chilly-red leather midi skirt with a slight pleat. She paired it with a number of chain necklaces, her trusty circular Ray-Bans and a pair of ankle strap leather black sandals. 

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By Selling a Feel-Good Lifestyle, Preppy Brands See Consistent Success in a Trend-Driven Market

By Selling a Feel-Good Lifestyle, Preppy Brands See Consistent Success in a Trend-Driven Market

Looks from the Vineyard Vines for Target collection. Photo: Courtesy of Target

Close your eyes and think about what “the good life” means to you. From living out your days in a tropical paradise to becoming the next Chiara Ferragni, the possibilities are endless. Selling a carefree lifestyle is a compelling marketing tool, and no one knows that better than Shep and Ian Murray, co-founders and CEOs of Vineyard Vines, the colorful brand known for eye-catching ties and an iconic pink whale logo. After all, that dream is what got the brothers into the retail industry in the first place.

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“Growing up, we’d joke that we’d wait nine months to spend three months of summer living the good life — time we’d spend boating, sailing and fishing — on Martha’s Vineyard with our family and friends,” says Shep of the Vineyard Vines ideology origins. This pursuit of happiness eventually led the brothers to quit their banking jobs in 1998 to sell neckties out of their Jeep instead. Before long, this summertime mentality became their full-time one, and they’ve never looked back. 

“That ethos stuck with Vineyard Vines throughout the years and ‘every day should feel this good’ became our brand motto, our mantra, our way of life,” explains Ian. “That’s how we live our lives and that’s how we’ve built Vineyard Vines.” 

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Marghi Lo fashion collection in BrandsVice!


Marghi Lo fashion collection in BrandsVice!

Marghi Lo specialises in clothing, shoes, apparel and accessories. Marghi Lo appeals to shoppers who want to browse and grab an outfit without having to step foot outside the door. Products are brand new, delivered in original packaging, including hang-tagslabels and barcodes. Stocks are genuine & legit, originally introduced into the European market by the authorized distributor of the respective brands.

Why l liked Marghi Lo

l liked the conservative style and the good quality of its fabrics. Marghi Lo collections are mostly with earth like colours and for people with a modest dressing style.

Modest Fashion

Modest fashion is a new trend in clothing and in the fashion industry. Another fashion blog has a whole big article about modest fashion and the modest fashion designers from UK. Many of the outfits they have are for every day life, but l think that the prices are far high for me and l cannot pay 300 dollars or 300 euros, if you are in Europe for a modest outfit of a no name fashion designer.

So the two things l have done are:

  • To search on the internet for fashion outlets
  • To find fashion brands that are not in the high end in prices but they are in quality

As soon as it may concern, who wants her fancy, expensive clothes to wear out after a month? It happened to me several times, and believe me it was an awful feeling. l think every woman had passed the same situation to buy something really expensive and till she wear it for the first time it was for the recycle department.

Not to mention the tears and the alternative cost you have to pay to buy something similar and to renew your guard robe. Modest fashion for modest people that  l liked in BrandsVice.

BrandsVice Outlet

BrandsVice is a stock outlet that offers more than 50% discounts in every season of the year and that is why l use it for my casual shopping experience. l think that every woman deserves to shop high end brand at least once in her life, even if she is not in the high end income category.

The problem is that every clothe or apparel is unique and you have to be a little hasty to buy it. So if you find something that you like, you need to buy it right away, because as every stock outlet on the internet, they have only stock pieces and only limited sizes and styles.

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Gisele Bündchen Can’t Stop Wearing These Retro Jeans

Gisele Bündchen Can’t Stop Wearing These Retro Jeans

Gisele Bündchen Can’t Stop Wearing These Retro Jeans

We cannot hide that we’re obsessed with ’70s-inspired style. There’s a reason this decade is far higher than all the others in terms of its sartorial staying power, and it has a lot to do with bohemian-inflected styles like luxurious suede and neutral earth tones. What does this mean in terms of Denim? That retro jeans are making their comeback, making the ’70s more famous than ever. And Gisele Bündchen prefers them too when it comes to styling them.

Denim style jeans

For a long time, we were certain that the wide-legged Denim would never again see the light of the day. But lately we’ve been seeing a handful of celebrities in bell-bottom jeans that made us reconsider the Denim style jeans.

So whether you’re emotionally attached to your skinny jeans or have thought that the flare style never left, prepare to get on board with the retro revival. The key to making the ’70s style feel current? A high-waisted fit and a great heel. Wearing heels with full-length flare jeans is particularly essential, as the added height will balance out the jeans’ volume. If you’re still feeling flats, opt for a pair of cropped flare jeans instead.

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Think you’re ready to try out the trend, or maybe you need a little more motivation to be convinced? Let the following outfits get you inspired, and then shop our favourite flare jeans to get you started.

The Beauty Products Chrissy Teigen Can’t Travel Without

The Beauty Products Chrissy Teigen Can’t Travel Without

The Beauty Products Chrissy Teigen Can’t Travel Without

Patrick Ta, the famous makeup artist, shares his beauty tips for travelling.

Having a massive Instagram feed and Likes, especially including celebrity clients like Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and more — the 27-year-old artist has perfected the art of makeup, no matter where you are travelling. Patric Ta, also represents La Mer!

Never board on a plane without

Chrissy Teigen, confesses!

“It is a fact that Chrissy adores traveling with Crème de la Mer and La Mer Lip Balm. It really nourishes and hydrates the skin, so everything feels nice and moisturized till you land,” says, Ta.

Chrissy Teigen’s life has changed, and she is more glorious than ever before.

Since Miles was born, the mother of two is centered around her family’s energy. Celebrity main street appearances are fewer. Those extraordinary glitz days are near non-existent. What’s more, treks to the market are the features of her everyday.



I’m doing my cosmetics myself,” Chrissy told E! News at the dispatch of her new accumulation with Becca Cosmetics.

Chrissy’s goal, since she is a mom and model, is to make every woman glow in all places with a radiance that is true to them. No matter the age, style, face shape or skin type, with BECCA, you glow and make every day better than the previous. 

As she should, since she’s exchanged her city way of life, for a calm Malibu home. She nestles with John Legend, Luna and Miles on the shoreline. However, she did not abandon her marvelous way of life as a model and celebrity… completely.

Summer lip shades, with the Bronze shining Palette and sparkling Body Oil associate her life as a mother with her love for magnificence.

The motivation was born from simply having such a thankfulness for the shoreline. The characteristic, excellent shine is something that one can put together easily to a delightful lip sparkle and a body oil

Zendaya Found the Spring Collections


Zendaya Found the Spring Collections

Having successfully collaborated with the Gigi Hadid model, a partnership that eventually will not continue, Tommy Hilfiger finds… “the Replaceable”!

The well-known American brand announces a new collaboration with one of our favourite icon styles! It is not yet known whether this collection will be accompanied by a fashion show, as was the case with the Gigi Hadid collection for the brand.


Zendaya, therefore, is the new face and designer of the brand for the women’s series. Beyond the fact that she will start in the Spring 2019 brand campaign, Zendaya will design her own capsule collection, which will be named Tommy x Zendaya.

“I love working with people who are passionate about making their dreams come true and inspire the next generation to do the same,” said Tommy Hilfiger about his new collaboration with the star.

He went on saying, “Zendaya has become a world idol, using fashion to make bold “statements”, always remaining faithful to herself. Our collection will reflect its eclectic style with the Americana spirit of our brand. ”

Zendaya‘s opinion

“Fashion is a lot more than simply wearing clothes. It’s a way to celebrate your personal expression and individuality, which is extremely dynamic. That’s why I’m proud to work with Tommy Hilfiger, “said Zendaya.

However, judging by her style, we imagine the collection will be very cool and stylish!


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Meet Jo Jo, Body Positive Model and Cousin of Gigi


Jo Jo hit fame at the age of 13 with her hit single Leave “Get Out” – making her the youngest solo artist to ever have a number-one single in the USA.

After that she continued the classic path, releasing another youth catchy single “Too Little Too  Late“, in 2006.

But after that– silence.

In spite of her songs which continued to sell well, suddenly, at the age of 15, Jo Jo disappeared.

Her followers didn’t have a clue why this happened – she was said to be on track to become a Miley Cyrus, or at least an Iggy Azalea – but instead of that… the young singer disappeared.

After an absent of 10 years, Jo Jo is back and the cause of her absence has been revealed: she was stuck in a record deal for seven years.

Seven years ago…

She confided that she got into a contract as a legitimate child when she was 12 years old. She thinks that nobody should be held to a contract for so many years especially at the age of 12.

Jo Jo, being now 27, had signed an album contract with Blackground records and produced two well-known albums with them.

But when it came to release her 3rd album, their relationships had disintegrated and although she submitted multiple albums’ worth of material, none were taken further.

Now, the singer has signed with Atlantic Records, and is ready to release her 3rd album later this year. She is happy that people take her as a woman and not as the 15-year-old youngster, most people remember her as.

Jo Jo, Body Positive

She sometimes feels sexual, sometimes gross, sometimes cool…

She says that her curves can’t be hidden but she is grown-up now and feels more comfortable with who she is.

Her legal battle has not yet finished and she is not completely free of her contract…

Since then, however, Jo Jo has learned, through the hard way, that her worth is so much more than any number put on the scale — and that there’s no point in trying to fit to anyone else’s definition of perfect.

Perms Are Coming Back—but They’re Getting a Modern Makeover

perms 2017

Perms Are Coming Back—but They’re Getting a Modern Makeover

If you were born before the 80s, you most likely remember that women in that decade worshipped the volume and the intense hair curls. Having been born in 1988, I personally can not identify with this trend and my only “experience” is laughter and light mockery to my mum when I see her photos of that time.

But let’s probably get her “revenge”, since the perm returns dynamically in the year 2017, but -thank god- with a twist.

New decade, new look

In the unlikely case that you do not know what the perm is, let’s say that it’s the chemical / thermal treatment of the hair to create permanent curls. Julia Roberts, Kylie Minogue, Sarah Jessica Parker and every other 80’s who respected herself had made perm, while ALL of the other girls wanted to dare it too.

With the advent of the 90’s, the trend was left behind, but now it is beginning to emerge again slowly. Do not be horrified, however, this year’s trend is much lower and the curls reminiscent of beach waves rather than tight “rings”.

Think Victoria’s Secret models with slightly more intense ripples – a look that you can achieve temporarily at home with the help of a curling iron and a pretty sea salt spray.

We will not lie, if the perm of 2017 means that we will look more like mermaids and less than 80’s Queens… then we are ready to dare it. Are you;